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Which Boards Do the #BurtonTeam Ride?

Ever wonder what board your favorite snowboarder rides? What is it that they like about their signature board? Well, we set out to shine some light on the boards under the #BurtonTeam's feet.

(Photo: Mikey Dawsy / @mikedawsy)

Part slopestyle slayer, part backcountry powerhouse, Red's riding is a subtle reminder that you don't need a closet full of boards to make the most of the conditions in front of you. You can catch Red on a slopestyle podium or in the backcountry, always accompanied by his Custom X Camber.

"I love this board. I wanted something on the stiffer side of things and this board is perfect for all of the different terrain types I ride in. I've never been super into all of the tech specs, but the Custom X has the build I need." - Red Gerard

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Deep Thinker - 160
Straight Chuter - 160

If you've been snowboarding for 1 month or 10 years, you know Danny Davis. When you think about Danny's riding, you might picture him in the pipe at X Games or sneaking down a shoot in the backcountry. With this split persona, it's fitting that he spends his time between two different boards.


When you ride like Kimmy, you could be riding groomers on Monday and pointing it down an AK line on Tuesday. Fortunately for Kimmy, she has one board that does it all -- the Story Board. The key concepts of the Story Board are control, versatility, and confidence... just like Kimmy's riding. She fine-tuned the specs of this board, from tip to tail, with our product team. So, if you've ever watched Kimmy ride and said "I want to ride like that", this is the board for you.

"I love this board because it can handle all the terrain on any mountain. I can hit park jumps, ride groomers, enjoy deep powder days, and drop into big lines in Alaska with it. The Storyboard is responsive, fun, and designed for the rider who wants one board for shredding all over the mountain in any condition." - Kimmy Fasani

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When you're in the streets as much as Maria, you need a board the can take a beating. That's why the YeaSayer Flying V is her board of choice. Built to press through kinks and pop with ease, this true twin makes any trick on any feature, possible for Maria and all riders alike.

"I love the YearSayer Flying V, it is super fun and playful. It’s soft and has a lot of core flex which makes it easy to press and tweak or even ride through powder. I mostly use this board in the park and on rail trips. It’s my favorite board because it lets you do it all. If you like a softer board and getting creative in the park, you will love this one." - Maria Thomsen

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Each year, Zoi steps to the massive features on slopestyle courses around the world. She needs a board that is quick on rails and stiff on jumps, and that's where the Blossom comes into the picture. The board sets you up with a solid true twin shape to spin, stomp, and ride as you like. Doesn't matter if you're taking it on the Big Air Jump at X Games or your local down rail, this board is built for any park rider looking for something stiff and reliable.

"The Blossom is my favorite board to ride. It’s got the flex for getting playful on rails but also the stiffness and pop to ride how I want on jumps. If I don’t have my hometown hero with me on a pow day, I will gladly ride this thing." - Zoi Sadowski-Synnott

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MikeyRencz_WhistlerBC_ColinAdair_0008 (1)-2.jpg

The only thing that's been around longer at Burton than Mikey Rencz is the Burton Custom. Over the years, Mikey honed his skills as a local ripper to a B.C. backcountry wizard. While on his journey, he's ridden just about every board we make. After having that many boards underneath him, he's landed on the Custom Camber as his board of choice.

"Even though the Custom is the longest-running board in the line, this was my first season riding it. I switched over to the Custom for 3 reasons: size, camber, and the ability to ride the same board no matter the terrain. I ride mostly backcountry but it was sick to keep the same 170 board that I take out there, roll up to Mt. Seymour for side hit runs, and not change a thing. You get the strength and power of a big board and still maintain the playfulness of a smaller board." - Mikey Rencz

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After stepping away from dominating the pipe, Kelly hung up the stiff camber boards with razor-sharp edges and stapped onto something a little more fun. And like any "retired" pro, Kelly was looking to ride more pow and less pipe. With that in mind, Kelly worked with our hard goods team to create the perfect board for resort riding, and more importantly, resort pow days -- The Family Tree Wave Tracer.

"I got the chance to design this shape a few years ago in a limited release as the Rise board. This year it is available in multiple sizes via the Family Tree line. I knew I would be spending less time in the pipe, so I set out to make the ultimate resort pow board. It has camber under the back foot, rocker in the nose, and is tapered. I've found myself riding this board every day in all conditions. It holds an edge and is fun to turn, it’s maneuverable in the trees/steeps and floats in the pow. I never wish I was on a different board, that’s the best compliment a board can get." - Kelly Clark

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