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Behind the Blossom: Get To Know The Burton Team's Go-To Board

The Blossom is in bloom.

We’re proud to introduce the latest addition to the Burton lineup: the Blossom. A rideable work of art sprouted from the minds of our very own team riders, this all-new deck encapsulates Burton’s drive toward personal freedom and creative collaboration

It isn’t just a wall-hanger—the Blossom, with its time-honored camber profile and classic twin shape, pays homage to the proven designs of snowboards past while taking direct inspiration from the current and future generations of snowboarding. And like snowboarding itself, the Blossom is a vessel for expression and growth. There’s a reason it quickly became the go-to park board for the Burton Team.


Who is the Blossom Designed For?

Zoi Sadowski-Synnott. Brock Crouch. Luke Winkelmann. Niels Schack. Should we keep going? Each of these riders—with their creative, free-flowing styles—are precisely what this board was designed around, both inside and out. You’ll see the Blossom in its natural environment: tearing through jump lines, rail gardens, and transition alike.

It’s all thanks to a mid-flexing personality, built around a classic, twin-tipped outline.The result is a board that ultimately turns any park into a blank canvas for the intermediate to advanced ripper. Whether you’re sessioning pre-season DIY spots, lapping the tow rope mid-winter, or slashing spring slush, it’ll be more enjoyable with the Blossom strapped beneath your feet.

Aside from creating a high-performance board for the new generation, we set out to craft the Blossom for those who recognize snowboarding—and snowboards themselves—can be vehicles for expression. Riders like Zoi, who’s as comfortable on an Olympic podium as she is on Natural Selection’s. Brock and Luke, the current day pioneers of an easy style approach. And, of course, Niels, whose signature artwork brought this board to life.


Tech Features

At initial glance, the Blossom is all about aesthetics (more on the story behind the graphics shortly). But underneath the original, hand-drawn graphics is a state-of-the-art snowboard meticulously crafted through rigorous R&D with the #BurtonTeam. In other words, we’ve put a heck of a lot of hours into building and—most importantly—riding the Blossom day in and day out.

It’s a unique blend of past and present—a straight-forward, mid-flexing deck constructed around a tried and true camber design with a twin shape to match. But despite its nod to the no-frills snowboards of decades past, The Blossom is a best-in-class park board built for the modern age. It’s a balanced, predictable ride that offers optimal pop, stability and precision; regular or switch.


So, whether you’re casually jibbing through the mini park, or happen to be railing through the pipe, the Triax Fiberglass with Carbon I-Beam construction provides a versatile flex pattern with an ultralight carbon backbone to ensure you’ll have no shortage of pop or tip-to-tail snap.

Further, under the hood, the Blossom’s Super Fly II 700G Core integrates stronger and lighter woods, adding to the overall pop and strength while keeping total weight to a minimum. Combined with our Dualzone EGD engineered wood grain—which we’ve strategically positioned along the toe and heel edges perpendicular to the core—a welcomed feature when you need to make a quick adjustment in the park, or when you’re hot-lapping around the rest of your local hill.

And whether you are lapping the park or cruising well outside of it, the Sintered WFO Base promises to maintain speed and durability in any conditions, all season long, by infusing specially formulated wax deep into the pores. To put it simply: the Blossom will go.

What more could you want?

The Story Behind the Board

All right, so we’ve dropped some names on you, possibly overwhelmed you with a bunch of tech jargon (hey, we’re board nerds, we can’t help it), but now it’s time to get to the heart and soul of the Blossom—the story behind its conception, the hand-drawn graphics, and its signature hand-drawn base.

When we set out to design the Blossom, we knew we wanted to draw inspiration from the individuals who constantly inspire us. We wanted to create a snowboard that reimagined what a signature board should look like. And we wanted the entire process to be a collective approach that brought to life the personality, creativity, and freedom of expression that epitomizes our eccentric #BurtonTeam. There was only one way to do that.

We left it up to them.


When the Blossom bloomed last season, we tapped artist and team rider Neils Shack with the role of art director. This season, Neils brought in a little extra help. Collaborating with fellow snowboarder, skater, and rising artist, Baltimore Loth, the two of them set out to design a graphic that captures the essence of their current generation of riders: young, weird, and wild. And for us, it’s the perfect portrayal of the current snowboard community zeitgeist—the apple may not fall far from the tree, but that doesn’t mean any two apples should be the same.


The Blossom is the future now, and it’s in bloom just in time for the season ahead. So, let’s get creative and carve our own paths. Whether that’s in the park or out; on our boards or off.