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We're Open, Sort Of: Responsibly Reopening Our Retail Stores in North America

It’s been a crazy time to say the least.

But it seems like good news is starting to balance out the bad news. And that’s why I’m writing today.

The good news is we’re open! Ok – what does that really mean? It means that some of our Burton stores are open again to see you in person. And those stores are taking extensive safety precautions that align with national and local guidelines to make sure you feel comfortable dropping by. It means that some of our incredible retail employees are coming back to work to help you in real life (wearing masks of course). It means that if a Burton store near you isn’t physically open right now due to local #stayhome orders, we’re still open to talk to you on via our local guides. It also means we’re open again to help with your returns and warranty questions. If all this openness worries you a bit and you’d feel more comfortable with curbside pickup, free delivery service or just ordering via, we’re open to that too.

Our founder Jake Burton always said, ‘Have as much fun as possible’. That’s been tough lately with all the heartbreaking news of loss and illness that many of us have personally experienced. But fun is essential too – it gives us the positive energy needed to get through the tough times. Burton is here to help you have as much healthy fun as you possibly can by providing the gear to get you outside. Maybe that means gearing up for a socially distanced spring session at Mt. Hood, which just opened up again. Or going on a hike with your family and packing one of our cooler bags. Fun is definitely possible, even now, and we know that’s what Jake would want us all to be doing.

So come see us if you can – either in person or online. And if you do drop by, please let us know what you think, what’s working and what’s not. This is all new to us too, so we’re learning right here with you.

Last but not least, thank you for sticking with Burton. Your notes of support around our efforts to get PPE to frontline workers kept us going during long days and sleepless nights when this all first started.

Here’s to a healthy dose of fun,

John Lacy
Burton CEO

John Lacy signature
John Lacy and his family in front of the Burton Burlington Flagship Store.
Keeping a safe distance and face masks all around.

Top Safety Procedures to Keep Everyone Safe:

Now that you know your safety and the safety of our employees is our top priority, we have some more specific details to share on how. We will continue to review and update our protocols on an ongoing basis to ensure we're always following best practices.

Before every shift, all employees will complete a symptom screening. In addition to self-reporting and choosing to stay home if they are experiencing any symptoms, all employees will have their temperature taken with a contactless thermometer. If any employees display any symptoms related to Covid-19, they'll be sent home until they can prove a clean bill of health. If any store employees do test positive, we'll follow the CDC's disinfecting guidelines.

Facial coverings are mandatory for everyone. In order to keep everyone safe, we'll be requiring that employees and customers wear facial coverings while in any of our stores. We'll have complimentary masks for customers available, and we've provided reusable masks to our employees, who will be sanitizing them between shifts. If you're more comfortable also wearing gloves, we will have disposable gloves available at the store.

Handwashing is required for employees, and we'll have free hand sanitizer for customers. All Burton employees are required to wash or sanitize their hands frequently and after any interaction with a customer. We'll also have convenient hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the store.

Employees and customers must maintain social distancing of 6 feet / 2 meters at all times. We'll have signs in-store to remind you, but if you need help visualizing, that's longer than a snowboard. We'll be following local rules for store occupancy to allow space for social distancing, and if the limit is reached, customers will need to wait outside spacing themselves six feet apart.

Transactions will minimize contact, including new services for curbside pickup. We're expanding our services to take orders over the phone and have your items waiting for you in a designated pickup area. For any in-store shopping, we'll be recommending cashless payment when possible, and the floor will be marked so customers and employees can maintain their distance. There will be a plexiglass barrier between customers and employees in case you step within six feet for a transaction. If you bring your own reusable shopping bags, you'll need to bag your items yourself.

Fitting rooms will be closed until further notice. You'll be allowed to try on clothing and gear outside of fitting rooms, and we'll be quarantining tried-on clothing for 24 hours before it's moved back to the floor.

All high touchpoint areas will be disinfected every hour. This means the counters, the plexiglass barrier at the register, all doorknobs/handles and doors, and hand sanitizer dispensers, to name a few. Other parts of the store will be disinfected every three hours, including light switches, shelf surfaces, and more.

Right when you walk in, you'll notice a hand sanitizer dispenser stationed at the store entrance, and several throughout the store.
All product that is returned to us will also be in product quarantine for at least 24 hours.
We'll be disinfecting all high-touch surfaces with CDC approved cleaners, but avoiding bleach in favor of the more environmentally friendly products we prefer.

Wondering whether your local store is currently open?

Here's our current statement on COVID-19. Please continue to follow your state's guidelines, and as always, you can contact our Burton Guide Team with any questions, including more information on how and when to shop at your local Burton store.

North America Store Updates:

  • Burlington, VT Flagship Store: Curbside pickup and home delivery also offered. Hours: M, W, F, 11am to 4pm.
  • Burlington, VT College Street Store: Curbside pickup and home delivery also offered. Hours: M - Th, 12pm to 5pm.
  • New York City, NY: Closed temporarily.
  • San Francisco, CA: Curbside pickup and phone orders starting 5/26.
  • Santa Monica, CA: Curbside pickup and phone orders. Hours: M - Th, 12pm to 5pm.
  • Boulder, CO: Curbside pickup and phone orders. Hours: M - Th, 12pm to 5pm.
  • Boston, MA: Curbside pickup and phone orders starting 5/25.
  • Wrentham, MA: Curbside pickup and phone orders starting 5/26.
  • Grove City, PA: Curbside pickup and phone orders. Hours: M - Th, 12pm to 5pm.
  • Las Vegas, NV: Curbside pickup, and phone orders. Hours: M - Th, 12pm to 5pm.
  • Chicago, IL: Closed temporarily.
  • Montreal, QC: Curbside pickup and phone orders. Hours: M - Th, 12pm to 5pm.
  • Toronto, ON: Curbside pickup and phone orders. Hours: M - Th, 12pm to 5pm.
  • Bromont, QC: Store reopening on 5/25.