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Feelgood '20 Contest: Vote for the Winner

It’s the Feelgood Snowboard’s 20th birthday, but this party is all about giving you the chance to win your very own— with a one-of-a-kind graphic that’s inspired by you.

First, a bit about the board. The Feelgood is named after the fact that it’s the best feeling board in women’s snowboarding. You can take it anywhere: From the park to the woods, top to bottom, corduroy to powder. This snowboard is beloved for the fact that its function will both push you to be better and offer forgiveness as you learn your next thing. It likes to turn, hold an edge, and it’s super stable at high speeds.


The legacy speaks for itself.

Kelly Clark has taken more titles than any other snowboarder (man or woman) alive today, and guess what she was riding? Yep, it was a Feelgood under her feet, every single time. In recent years, the graphics on this deck have been directly influenced by what makes Kelly feel good (you’ll find some puppies and mountains amidst the mist). But, Kelly doesn’t want women to shy away from the Feelgood because they think it’s only for winning medals. “When I go up to the hill, a lot of people expect me to head right to the pipe or spend my day in the park or something. To be honest, my favorite thing to do is to go up early and rip around on fresh corduroy on my Feelgood.”

And though it’s the Feelgood’s 20th, Kelly also points out that board itself has gotten a lot better over the years. “We're constantly innovating the Feelgood. The first was much different than the board that we have today. So whether you've tried the Feelgood in the past or you've always thought it was kind of out of your league, I would encourage you to get out there and try it. I think you'd be surprised at how much fun it is.”

Alrighty then, good luck!