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Behind the Barkeeper: Setting the Bar High for Spring Riding with Rob Roethler

Ah, spring—the season of cold beers, hot laps, and somewhat risky on-mountain behavior. When the snow is soft, you can push your comfort zone and go slightly bigger than you ever thought possible. To celebrate the season of progression, we partnered with Burton Team rider Rob Roethler to create a fast and bold spring shape that’s ready to conquer soft snow and deliver good times.


Built for The Holy Trinity of Pow, Slush and Steel

Using a 3D shape in the nose and tail, and a medium width, the Barkeeper crushes through slush and locks into rails with ease. But it’s the tail that really sets the Barkeeper apart from our traditional spring riding shapes. To please the rail-riding park fanatics, we utilized 3D technology to create a notched tail shape that can effortlessly lock into tail blocks and 5-0s. Think well-worn skate trucks that grip onto rails.

While testing boards, however, you often find some sneaky bonuses. When Rob hit the mountain for on-snow testing, he found that the tail acts as a rudder while carving.


“I could spring out of turns and felt power from the center of my tail, which is something I’ve never felt on any other snowboard. As soon as I noticed this, I started jump carving and felt I could use the center of my tail as if it were an extension of my contact points.

The rail notch, in combination with the lifted spoon and nose, gives The Barkeeper a unique freestyle feel. Although built for spring park riding, the nature of The Barkeeper’s shape allows riders to enjoy smooth turns from slush to powder.

“Anybody who likes choppy slush conditions, rail snowboarding, and even resort powder boarding will have a blast on this board.”
– Rob Roethler, Burton Team Rider

How WE Built This

After watching Rob absolutely rip it up at last year’s Mystery Series, our product team was dead-set on collaborating with Roethler to transform his raw energy into a spring powerhouse. And it turns out he was an incredible design partner. When it came to ideas, Rob had plenty. He drew out some initial concepts and discussed specific details of what he needed out of a park-friendly spring board.


All the Bells and Whistles

It was imperative to build a wider-than-usual shape for optimal float in slushy conditions. After toying around with some interesting shapes, we ultimately landed on true-twin contact points and a solid lift on the nose and tail. During the design process, we found a sweet spot with a camber bend for poppy precision and a medium-stiff flex for a snappy, responsive ride in the park.

Additional specs include a twin shape for greater edge control and a poppy Super Fly® 700G Core that reduces overall weight without limiting performance.


Laid Back Graphics Meets a Dash of Minnesotan Pride

We kept it simple to match Rob’s general no bulls&%t aesthetic. And this off-white top sheet and colorful base looks good no matter what you’re doing on the mountain. Rob is also a big fan of the Minnesota Vikings, so, of course, there’s a dash of purple in the mix. SKOL!


When spring bursts onto the scene, you'll probably catch Rob shredding the halfpipe at his home base in Woodward Park City. Or maybe you’ll catch him on a scorching 40-degree day, effortlessly flowing through the terrain park with his faithful Barkeeper. So, join the party, crack open a cold one, and lock in for some springtime stoke.