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Meet Burton Ambassador Cheyne Brooking

Last winter we introduced our Burton ambassador program, launched with 25 women from across the US and Canada. These ladies charge hard on their boards, but just as importantly, they inspire and engage their fellow female riders in their communities. This week we’re catching up with one of our newest ambassadors for 2016, Cheyne Brooking, a Portland, Oregon-based rider with Mammoth Mountain roots and a creative lifestyle.

Hi, Cheyne!

Give us a little background on yourself? I grew up in San Diego and my mom would take me up to Bear. This was before kid’s snowboard boots—I rode a Burton 108 and I was two feet tall. My Dad moved to Mammoth when I was eight, so we moved up there. When I was around twelve, I really started connecting with snowboarding. That’s when I really fell in love with it. It helped that we lived a two-minute walk away from the gondola.

What does being a Burton ambassador mean to you? Going to events and being a presence in Portland. I snowboard and make new friends and that’s basically how I see my role. I went to the first Burton Girls ride day at Meadows last weekend and it was incredible!


What are your goals as a rider? Just keep doing it. I’m not trying to chase it as a career anymore, I was for a long time and it kind of spoiled it for me. I perform very poorly under pressure—my competition history is not so impressive. I was trying and I wasn’t getting any better at harnessing all that anxious energy to turn it into something great. I love to ride how I love to do it. I get such satisfaction out of a huge laid out toeside carve. Those are the happiest moments I have in snowboarding. I just want to keep chasing that feeling.

Tell us about the creative side of your life. I got into lettering about two years ago, it’s the first art form for me that really clicked. I had always liked to doodle, but I found myself copying other people’s styles. It wasn’t until I started playing around with lettering that it really clicked with me. It was the first thing since snowboarding that I wanted to progress with and get better at. Like snowboarding, it’s something that clicks inside of you, it gives you that I-want-to-do-this-all-the-time itch.

It was the first thing since snowboarding that I wanted to progress with and get better at.

How is your season at Mount Hood Meadows going? My first day was Christmas Day at Meadows. I’ve been in Mammoth for the last four seasons, I feel like I hadn’t had a real powder day in so long. I feel like something awoke back in me.

What are you looking forward to this winter? Just being able to go snowboarding again, with real snow and great gear, and to ride with my friends. It’s a whole different dynamic up here and I’m excited to dive into that. I’m excited to make it my home.


What gear are you excited about this winter? Last season I rode one of Kimmy’s old Lip-Sticks and I loved it. This year I have another Lip-Stick and I love it! My anon. googles are a game changer, too, they’re goggles with magnetic lenses [WM1 goggles]. I’m like, I’ve been missing out! My goggles are my life. For the first time ever, I’ll switch these out in 2.5 seconds flat. ∆