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Kilroy Crew...Was Here

You’ve likely heard about them, but do you really know what makes these riders tick?

The Kilroy crew is a tight-knit unit from around the world with one thing in common: an unadulterated love for all things snowboarding. It’s inclusive to all riding styles—from the jibber lapping the local rope tow to that kid you just saw atop the Burton U·S·Open podium. Each of these eight riders has their own point of view, their own aspirations, and when you get them together, it’s an influential experience in the best way possible.

They travel the world leaving their mark—filming, competing, and progressing—all while inspiring far more than their local scene. It’s an impact that’s being felt in product, too, with the Kilroy crew driving designs of the iconic Custom and Process snowboards, along with Analog softgoods. Around the design table or on the mountain, you can’t help but feed off their collective energy.

Keep scrolling to see how each of these eight riders is doing snowboarding in their own unique way.

Luke Winkelmann

DOB: December 18, 2000 Gear selects: Kilroy Process / Analog Blast Jacket / Analog Crux Pullover Hoodie

Hailing from the hills of North Carolina, Luke Winkelmann is the southern boy of the crew who just so happens to ride his snowboard pretty darn well. He grew up honing his skills on the 365-feet of vert at Appalachian Ski Mountain, located in his hometown of Blowing Rock. Hard to believe he’s become a contest dark horse with stats like a 2nd place finish at the 2018 Junior World Championships Big Air. Off snow, you’ll likely find Luke skating, listening to rappers whose names start with “Yung,” and hanging with his pal Red Gerard.

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Jake Canter

DOB: July 9, 2003 Gear selects: Kilroy Custom / Analog Chainlink Anorak / Analog Gentry Mitt

Young gun of the crew, Jake Canter, is the product of Colorado’s impeccable terrain parks, skate parks, and Woodward-at-Copper. Straight up, the kid is on another level. His win in the 2018 Burton U·S·Open Junior Jam Halfpipe is proof. At the Stomping Grounds Session in Saas Fee, Switzerland, Danny Davis was quoted as simply saying “wow” in regards to Jake’s riding. He learned two new triple corks at that session…all before being old enough to drive. No surprise he’s also good at skateboarding – like really good.

Hollis DuPre

DOB: March 16, 1999 Gear selects: Kilroy Process / Analog Cinderblade Pant / Analog Fleece Neck Warmer

Newest addition to the Kilroy crew, Hollis DuPre is from Nyack, New York, located right outside of New York City. He’s the tech rail guy of the gang and has a sick style that's contagious. The mole hills of Mountain Creek, Big Boulder, and Hunter Mountain are where he dialed his wizardry before making the move to Salt Lake City and getting recruited for the Kilroy crew. He’s been described as an “ultrachiller” and when he does something on his board, he does it his own way, and it’s pretty damn unique.

Carter Jarvis

DOB: February 19, 1999 Gear selects: Kilroy Process / Analog Truitt Flannel / Analog Beanie 3-Pack

The Kilroy crew’s friendly Canadian, Carter Jarvis got sharp on two edges while lapping his hometown’s namesake hill—Calgary Olympic Park. The measly 394-feet of vertical he had to work with makes it all the more astonishing how good he is at lapping a park line. Carter’s a creation of the Canadian National Team’s slopestyle NextGen crew and looked up to fellow countrymen Mark McMorris and Mark Sollors as a grom. His main life goal nowadays is to land every Canadian’s dream – a Tim Horton’s sponsorship.

Sy Moran

DOB: May 9, 1996 Gear selects: Kilroy Custom / Analog Skidway Jacket / Analog Diligent Glove

Sy Moran is from Colorado Springs, Colorado, and has gained a bit of a reputation in Summit County as the kid who’s always sending the big jump lines at Keystone and Breck. With style and skills beyond his youth, he’s been repping Burton for a handful of years now. Lately, he’s had his sights set on the backcountry and bought a sled to get out there and film with his crew—Mentally Sound. This progression into backcountry filming makes him a trailblazer of sorts as he helps usher in the next generation of Colorado rippers.

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Max Zebe

DOB: November 4, 1996 Gear selects: Kilroy Process / Analog Ice Out Bib Pant / Analog Bartlett Mitt

Max Zebe hails from Bolzano, an Italian village…in Austria. Confused? Google it! He grew up riding the Dolomites, Seiser Alm to be more specific, an area known for its altitude-induced snowpack and scenery. Somehow that epic terrain made Max a very tech rail rider who can jump with the best of them, too. Check out his part from The Method Movie 2 for proof. These days he supports his shredding by delivering pizzas in Burton’s European hometown of Innsbruck, Austria.

Takeru Otsuka

DOB: April 2, 2001 Gear selects: Kilroy Process / Analog Chainlink Anorak / Analog Pony Keg One Piece

A slopestyle prodigy from Atsugi City, Japan, Takeru Otsuka is quickly earning a reputation for his insanely powerful riding on jumps and rails, and ability to triple cork every way imaginable. He cemented his status as one to watch with a breakout gold in big air at X Games Norway 2018, out-stomping a stacked field that included some of the biggest names in competitive snowboarding.

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Joonsik Lee

DOB: March 7, 2002 Gear selects: Kilroy Process / Analog Mortar Pant/ Analog Gentry Mitt

Joonsik Lee is fueling South Korea’s heavily rail-influenced snowboard scene with his creative take on everything he touches. His riding flavor is like park laps at Big Bear smothered in kimchi, but versatile enough that he can perform such feats as win the 2017 Burton U·S·Open Junior Jam. Joonsik is super close to his older brother and fellow Burton rider Minsik Lee, and lucky enough to travel the world with him to film and compete. Joonsik is an artist as well, sharing his drawings on Instagram that often include his takes on the Kilroy crew’s tag.