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Slush Season: Burton's Guide to Spring Riding

by Tyler Macleod

Ah, springtime. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you can finally walk out the door in just a hoody again (hopefully some pants, too). While the normies might see this as the time to pack away their gear and zip off their hiking pants into shorts, real heads know better. Spring is peak boarding time—warm temps, soft snow, all capped off with high times in the parking lot.

We're here to help you make the most out of the short spring riding window and take full advantage of slush season.


A Need for Speed

Think of this as spring riding priority number one. Sure, your rig was running fast on those icy, bulletproof days of February, but that ship has sailed. This ain't the time to be lazy with the iron and wax. Why, you ask? Slush and dirty snow slows down the unprepared, and nobody has time to get stuck on a catwalk while the rest of the crew is on the second round at aprés. This is us telling you to wax your board and wax often. Pro tip: use a warm temp wax for optimal performance and carry rub on wax in your pocket on hill.

And if you need a refresher on how to wax and dial your rig, we already got you covered.


Make The Lift Line A Runway

The best part about spring? You've got a lot more options when it comes to your wardrobe. While that insulated outerwear is sure to be overkill, everything from flannels to your go-to hoodie is now fair game. Heck, you might as well spice it up with that Hawaiian shirt in the back of your closet. Maybe even bust out some jeans while you're at it—cut 'em off if you feel like. Let that freak flag fly! It's a party out there, and you might as well dress the part.

The point is—spring riding means less is more. Which is why we blurred the lines between on-hill performance and off-hill comfort with our Spring Ready gear. This collection keeps you dry and comfortable from the park to the parking lot, whether on your board or plopped in a lawn chair.

Soft Snow = Soft Board

While that super stiff, ultra-camber board may have served you well in mid-winter conditions, it's probably not the best bet for slushy, spring days (but hey, the best board will always be the one you're on). Like wine and cheese, snowboards and conditions can—and, in our opinion, should—be paired properly. So, dig into the quiver and mount up something softer and more forgiving. The additional flex and maneuverability means a better time mashing through slushy snow as you seek out those newly formed side hits.

Let your dogs out this Spring with our Slush Puppy.


There Is A Thing As Too Much Sun

Just because there's snow on the ground doesn't mean you can't get a beach of a burn. Remember when we said wax was the number one priority for your board? Well, consider sunscreen as the top priority for your skin. Pack your sunscreen, don't forget to reapply, and ensure you're not the guy or gal looking like the lobster on the aprés menu.

But your skin isn't all that needs protecting. Ever try riding on a sunny day without goggles or sunglasses? Or maybe you only had your low-light lenses? Yeah, we bet you'll never make that mistake again. Save your retinas from the hell-like glare of snow and pack those dark lenses. If it's warm enough to ride sans goggles, then slap on that beater pair of sunnies (we know you got some shoved in the glovebox) and enjoy what we consider the peak of snowboarding comfort.


Life On The Lot

Ah, the spring parking lot scene. We can already hear The Dead permeating from the rusted old Winnebago a few rows over. How long has that thing been parked there? Is that still the same song? Should we be worried about the smoke billowing out of it?

Doesn't matter. You know those homies are stocked with plenty of dogs, brews, and party essentials, and so should you. After all, you can't show up empty-handed when you decide to migrate over there. Bring a cooler, don't forget the snacks, and pack some lawn chairs. The next song is 30 minutes long, so you're gonna be there a while.

Full Send Mode Engaged

This is it—the last hoorah. We assume you've been riding all winter, so you ought to be in peak shape with a fully dialed bag of tricks. The ones that aren't dialed yet? Now's the time to change that. The snow is soft, you're no longer confined by five layers of gear, and those crowded runs are a fleeting memory. Plus, in the worst-case scenario, you aren't missing much time if you get broke off. Just saying.

Spring is the best time—and the last chance—to get those hot laps in. Don't be the guy or gal who's kicking themselves in July, thinking how they should've snowboarded more when they had the chance. Get after it, and if you need some inspo, give our Trick Tips vid a watch.


Spring is about to be in full bloom, and you know what? There's no better time to be a snowboarder. Let everyone else think the season is a wrap; we know the truth: this is the best window of the season. Minimal crowds, soft snow, hot laps, and cold cans. What more could you want? So slap on some sunscreen, keep that rig waxed, and don't forget to load up the cooler. Cheers to as many more laps we can squeeze in. Hope to see you out there.